Martin Walker

Maisie G

The Maisie G series

Maisie G - Reluctant Assassin

Maisie is a tough teenager assisting her mother, Olga, in a covert assassin world. She was adopted from a Lithuanian orphanage when she was five years old and trained in martial arts by her obsessed mother. Their missions are dealt to them by a secretive agency.
However, Maisie is never comfortable with this lifestyle, and whilst in Paris, their ‘normality’ is abruptly shattered. Olga recognises two people she regards as assassin killers. Maisie’s life is about to turn upside down.

Will Maisie survive and find out the truth about her past?

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Maisie G - No Limits

Since being picked up by Agent Bolt of MI6, Maisie has been teamed up with other teenagers who are being trained to work on an operation to retrieve dangerous objects which threaten world stability. Maisie finds teamwork difficult and does not respect the authorities. Adding to that, she is warned not to trust anyone. That is easy; she never does. However, when her life is on the line, along with the team, she experiences an unexpected reaction. Loyalty.

Finding out why her parents were killed is still the driving force behind her staying with MI6, but as she digs deeper, unsettling facts begin to surface. Whilst undercover, she comes face to face with an old adversary. She may have the guts to fight, but will she find peace and the truth?

Only if she adapts...and lives

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Hybrid Trilogy

The Hybrid Trilogy


Rachael and Michael have a passion for climate justice, meeting five years previously at a march in London where he was captivated by her boldness and her strange ability to take away pain. Since that time, they had been getting along as friends, but Rachael wanted more. Always awkward around girls, he wanted more too. 

However, her parents didn’t want their friendship to go any further, as it would violate their hybrid community’s long-inherited code and ethics. She had to keep a lid on her feelings with increasing frustration. Then a major incident changes everything and Michael must rely on the McAdam’s family more than ever, causing Rachael to drag him further into trouble. 

At a community gathering Rachael meets more teenagers like herself and they experiment with their giftings and meet a long forgotten old family member. Using her parents’ bio-computer, the NeuroNexus, they find it transforms their abilities further, forcing them to confront an ancient adversary.

DI Mathews is appointed to investigate the incident at Michael’s family home and becomes embroiled in the life and death ride that the hybrid community unleash upon Rachael and Michael. 

Will Michael accept what she is, and will Rachael save her love for him, preventing the world descending into chaos?

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At a climate conference in London, Rachael and friends are threatened by people trying to abduct them. Rachael and Bridget manifest their powers, forcing Michael to come to their rescue. Puzzled by his miraculous skills, he and Rachael share unexplained visions and dreams.

Approaching the winter season, the three accept an invitation to visit a girl they befriended. In Switzerland, the holiday turns into a life and death struggle which threatens not only them, but the world.

Will Rachael and Michael escape? Can they stop the threat to the world’s climate before it’s too late? Is the only way to survive to be - reborn?

Part two of the Hybrid Trilogy – a dystopian story. 

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