Martin Walker

About Martin Walker

UK Author of the Hybrid Trilogy

Martin lives in the East Midlands in the UK with his wife. He has three adult children and one granddaughter. In his early years, he enjoyed the freedom of wandering around fields and woodland near his home. As a teenager, his English teacher would always commend his creative writing as forward thinking and imaginative. Later he developed a passion for working with nature, learning, for instance, how earthworms were so important for the soil. This fascination led to him giving up his accounting business after twenty years and set up a gardening and landscaping firm, promoting nature-friendly methods of maintenance such as composting and natural weed and bug control. 

Writing came to him later as his imagination, ignited by nature, and the groundswell of young people around the world challenging our habitat destruction. The Hybrid trilogy is a story about teenagers caught up in the dangers of a volatile world, bringing about what change they can.

You can contact him here and follow the journey of Rachael and Michael as they tackle the roller coaster ride of love and friendship, set against forces that try to destroy the world and them.